Happy Birthday to a best friend

Growing up I was very shy, I still am to a certain extent. We moved into a new neighborhood when I was in the 5th grade and I had to start riding the bus with people I did not know. My brother never had a problem making friends or talking to strangers, but to me this was a terrifying situation (I am pretty sure I pitched a huge fit over having to do this.) I will never forget as I climbed onto the bus and stared into the crowd of talking children, a good looking boy slid over and asked me to sit next to him. That moment of kindness will be one I will never forget and that boy soon became one of my best friends.  Today is his birthday.  We had this tradition every year for each others birthdays, he would make me brownies for mine and I would make Mimis famous strawberry cake for his.

Photo1 (1)

He was taken from us unexpectedly and is now in heaven, something that still doesnt seem real many years later. To this day I still bake a cake on his birthday and its a tradition I will keep alive until I am no longer able. He has forever impacted my life and I am so blessed to have known him, and have his family in my life. Happy Birthday Drew, you are dearly missed!

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